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Boreas Ecology supervised the habitat survey for the controversial Lewis Wind Farm in 2002 and 2003. It also produced environmental statement chapters on habitats for the 2004 and 2006 application documents, together with a carbon savings chapter in 2004. These documents are available on the Lewis Wind Power website:

The Lewis habitat work has been strongly criticised by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds using expert evidence submitted in 2005 and 2007 by their peatlands consultant, Mr. Richard Lindsay (Head of Wildlife Conservation, University of East London). The competence of Boreas Ecology work is repeatedly questioned, including an assertion that indirect wind farm impacts on habitats could have been underestimated by a factor of 30.The Lindsay documents have also been used as the basis of objections by other important organisations (e.g.
Scottish Wildlife Trust, International Mires Conservation Group). The Lindsay documents are available on the RSPB website:

Boreas Ecology has considered the RSPB - Lindsay objection documents very carefully. A detailed audit of Boreas work has been completed and further research undertaken. An evidence-based method has compared Lindsay criticism with Boreas work, the scientific literature, published guidance and the additional research.

The result of this approach is a complete rebuttal of RSPB - Lindsay allegations. Instead, Lindsay documents are shown to be deeply flawed and likely to mislead the Scottish Government on habitat matters. The summary rebuttal is available below. Please contact Boreas Ecology for the full 300 page version.



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Executive summary of the main Lindsay-RSPB rebuttal document (above). Download file >>
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IEEM Conference Paper 2004: This article considers the cumulative effects of wind farms in Scotland in relation to other impacts. Download file >>
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This defence of Lewis Wind Farm work was published in the International Mire Conservation Group Newsletter (December 2007). Download file >>
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